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Three Innovative Ways Luxury Auto Dealerships Showcase their Cars

Luxury automobile dealers operate in a rapidly changing market. Currently, the luxury car market in the US accounts for approximately $5 bn in market revenue, with major brands like BMW holding the largest share. It might be a small segment of the total US $1.249 trillion market, but it’s highly lucrative.

The luxury automotive market is rapidly evolving, and it is imperative for dealers to understand the psychology of their core customer base if they want to drive sales. It all starts with understanding the mindset of your potential buyer and the lifestyle they wish to pursue.

For starters, you need to know that the perceived value of a luxury car brand is obviously going to be higher when compared with other companies. Customers want to feel special, and it’s important for dealerships to pay attention to the details that help create this added value. These details not only influence the design of the automobiles, but they also influence the design of the spaces where automobiles are viewed and purchased.

A well-designed building is the first step in creating a great first impression. Fundamental to the building design is the glass storefront and entrances. Glass storefronts allow dealerships to show off their luxury vehicle inventory to passer-byes who may not even be currently in the purchasing mode. A sleek building design and glass storefront can help dealerships attract attention and evoke a strong emotional response from buyers.

Luxury auto dealerships face a more significant challenge than the non-luxury brands. The design of a luxury dealership should help maintain the brand reputation and enhance the consumer experience. A conventional storefront is not going to create the atmosphere a high-end brand is seeking. For this reason, over the past several years, there has been a major shift in the way luxury car dealerships are designed. These shifts in design are not only happening at the luxury dealership level, but are also starting to be seen with conventional brands as well.

The Importance of Using High-Quality Glazing Systems

As previously mentioned, the glass used in any dealership plays an incredibly important role in the overall aesthetic of the building. In a luxury auto dealership, glass helps draw attention to the most-prized assets: the vehicles.

Storefront glass in Hurricane Zones must also be impact resistant, which is necessary to maintain durability and to ensure security. As a business owner, if you aren’t taking into account every major touchpoint, there’s always a risk of losing sales.

Today, luxury auto dealerships go above and beyond to improve the overall layout and design aesthetic of their buildings. They work with architects and designers to come up with innovative ways to showcase their cars.

The Three Best Ways Luxury Auto Dealerships Showcase Their Cars

Here are three highly innovative ways by which luxury auto dealerships showcase their cars:

1. Using Frameless Glass Windows to Create Elevated Store Displays

One of the most stunning examples of architectural magnificence in the modern day is the use of unique glass cubes to showcase luxury vehicles.

Installed in a new Dodge dealership using SLIMPACT® glass, it’s impossible to miss these floating glass cubes with Jeep and Dodge vehicles inside.

Such a glass front, while visually appealing, poses a lot of challenges. For starters, the glass used must be structurally strong, and since it’s placed at an elevation, the glass should also be free of any obstructions to offer a clear, full view.

Structural integrity and durability are also incredibly important. SLIMPACT® glass is the perfect choice for luxury automotive dealerships, offering unparalleled beauty and elegance. SLIMPACT® is fully frameless, a first of its kind, offering truly unobstructed views without compromising on the stringent missile impact requirements within the state.

Elevated store displays have been around for a while, but using unobstructed glass really helps focus an onlooker’s attention to the high-end manufacturing practices and the attention-to-detail of luxury vehicles.

And, the use of SLIMPACT® is preferable as it offers the perfect balance of form and function. SLIMPACT® doesn’t just look good, but it also lets natural light in and is resilient to impact, keeping your expensive inventory safe.

2. Floor-to-Ceiling Windows and Obstruction-Free Displays

Normal automotive glass window displays are nothing new. They are used in all types of storefront displays, including auto dealerships. However, for luxury auto dealerships, it’s all about generating that extra amount of perceived value.

Using obstruction-free glass adds a level of uniqueness that causes people to stop and admire what’s changed in a conventional glass display. It’s the same as some luxury vehicles: their functionality might be identical to a lower-priced model, but it’s the attention to detail and the quality of materials that really set them apart.

Using obstruction-free glass in a spacious environment creates a truly unique aesthetic. It enhances the consumer experience and shows to the consumer that the dealership really cares about delivering the very best experience.

As mentioned above, marketers need to consider every element of the shopping experience to ensure that it meets, or exceeds, the buyer’s expectations. Of course, customer service, attention, and other value additions do play a role.

However, you simply can’t compare this with the importance of a well-designed storefront that has that extra element of “oomph!” that helps set the dealership apart.

There’s virtually no framing on the SLIMPACT® glass, and even the SLIMPACT® doors have very minimal use of metal, offering breathtaking views and allowing dealerships to present their luxury auto inventory in all its true glory.

These glass windows can be customized to be placed at angles or on various corners, allowing architects and designers to use real estate and design storefronts that are different from conventional flat glass panels.

In a luxury establishment, you want everything to be built to the highest specification, the very best version available. Companies are constantly looking for ways to introduce a new marketing experience, and SLIMPACT® offers just that, without any compromise on safety or security.

3. Maximum Natural Light

It’s easy to say that natural light has virtually taken over retail design, becoming the top choice amongst storefront designers. It offers monetary benefits, helping companies save on energy costs.

But, there’s another major benefit: it just looks better. When a prospective shopper enters your dealership and sees an expensive luxury ride against the backdrop of the outdoors, it makes it much easier for them to visualize just how the car will look out on the streets.

Natural light also offers a plethora of other advantages: it’s eco-friendly, improves a person’s mood, and above all, can lead to a more refined sales experience.

This is possible by using SLIMPACT® glass windows, or by installing SLIMPACT® glass or skylights.


The automotive sector is undergoing top-to-bottom change. Luxury buyers are becoming increasingly picky, focusing on different touchpoints and doubling down on the quality of customer experience they receive.

The standard for automotive display glass is also changing. SLIMPACT® heralds in a new change, bringing with it an era of modernization and allowing auto dealerships to innovate at a time when many of their competitors are already pushing the envelope to refine the customer experience further.

Here are just some of the many reasons why SLIMPACT® is now so popular in the automotive sector:

  • It offers unparalleled security. SLIMPACT® is High Velocity Hurricane Zone tested and certified at higher-than-average design pressures, so it’s not going to break easily. It’s engineered to withstand extreme winds and impacts, making it a secure investment.
  • The obstruction-free design offers an aesthetic that’s instantly going to turn heads.
  • It offers a contemporary aesthetic that perfectly complements the ‘luxury’ nature of the shopping experience.

SLIMPACT® is the future of automotive display design. The industry is poised for a fundamental design shift, with new, reinforced, and obstruction-free glass becoming the standard.

Dealerships today are in the perfect position to innovate and embrace this change to future-proof their establishments, presenting them with a fantastic opportunity that comes around once in many years.

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