by | Dec 6, 2021

SLIMPACT® XJ 90 Degree Jumbo Glass Corner Passes HVHZ Large Missile


Faour Glass Technologies is excited to announce the newest addition to their SLIMPACT® frameless impact glazing portfolio. SLIMPACT®XJ 90 Degree, an oversized and all-glass 90-degree corner with no vertical metal post, is now available in 20’ heights! 

The 10’x20’ SLIMPACT® XJ 90 Degree Corner recently tested for Florida Product Approval for HVHZ large-missile with design pressures of +/- 65 PSF. SLIMPACT® XJ 90 Degree is the largest corner glazing system yet for the SLIMPACT® 90 Degree portfolio. SLIMPACT® XL and XLIG 90 Degree measure 8’X12′ with design pressures of +/- 110 PSF for XL and +/- 70 PSF for XLIG. 

In high-velocity wind zones, unsightly corner posts in oversized glazing systems have long vexed designers wishing to offer large unobstructed views from interior spaces. That challenge has been resolved by Faour Glass Technologies with its new SLIMPACT® XJ 90 Degree Corner, which is now part of its SLIMPACT® Frameless Jumbo product line. This 90-degree frameless corner allows architects, designers, and owners the ability to open up corner views and eliminate the need for post supports on a massive scale. This system is the first of its size to meet the large missile test, making it a breakthrough innovation.

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