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SLIMPACT® Used at Stone Island Project in Miami Design District

Stone Island Project

Stone Island has planted its roots in the Miami Design District at 123 NE 41st Street. This is the fourth North American flagship the popular European clothing brand has opened—and the first in South Eastern United States. The brand’s striking and innovative aesthetic is reflected in the structure and design of its store.

Stone Island

Stone Island—commonly known as “Stoney” among its loyal followers—has gained popularity among the younger American generations. Since its establishment in 1982, Stone Island has pushed the boundaries of sportswear through its continuous experimentation with dyes and treatments. It’s driven by a culture of research, function, and experimentation—establishing the company’s two souls, LAB and LIFE.

Stone Island’s unique color laboratory allows the brand to investigate, transform, and enhance fibers and fabrics. LAB ensures the brand is always taking the next step in innovation when it comes to its sportswear garments. This has resulted in the creation of groundbreaking designs such as jackets constructed in nylon monofilament, and reflective or thermo-sensitive fabrics that change color with the variation in temperature. LIFE reinforces the functionality standard they adhere to when designing new garments for the individuals who wear them. Each design is created not only for aesthetics but for the capabilities of the garment’s function as well.

The Stone Island Miami Flagship Store Project

The architect behind the Stone Island Miami flagship store is ANDstudio Architecture & Design. ANDstudio worked alongside the General Contractor, EXA Group, to create a two-story, 3,000 squared foot design for the Stone Island and Shadow Project collections. Like the brand’s clothing products themselves, each element of the system works together to support a highly functional design.

The project features multiple glass elements, including a 50”x90” SLIMPACT® door and five 84”x84” oversized SLIMPACT® windows. All SLIMPACT® glass elements were manufactured and installed by Faour Glass Technologies.

What is SLIMPACT®?

SLIMPACT® is a brand of frameless impact glazing solutions, the latest in glass innovation and performance. This product line combines the important features of sophistication, elegance, and performance in a desired frameless impact glazing system. SLIMPACT® frameless impact glazing solutions pioneers this high-level design for luxury residential and upscale commercial markets. The most significant appeal to SLIMPACT® products is its ability to provide premium unobstructed views while still meeting Florida’s large missile impact and hurricane safety requirements.

Faour Glass’s SLIMPACT® products add to the elegance of Stone Island’s building design. The frameless impact oversized glass doors and windows offer an appealing peek into the Miami flagship store’s highly functional layout. The design aesthetic ensures Stone Island’s functional aesthetic needs are met while remaining competitive with the high-end neighboring stores and adhering to the strict Florida building codes.

Faour Glass Technologies SLIMPACT® Products

Faour Glass Technologies provides a variety of resources to help designers, owners, and contractors with their most demanding project needs. The SLIMPACT® product line is the first of its kind, offering a competitive edge for designers looking to add highly sought-after beauty and function to their project. Browse the SLIMPACT® products, including window walls, pivot & automated doors, railings, and skylights.

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