by | Aug 3, 2021

SLIMPACT® JUMBO Receives Florida Product Approval


Faour Glass Technologies is excited to announce the newest addition to their SLIMPACT® frameless impact glazing portfolio. SLIMPACT® JUMBO, a 10’x20’ oversized, frameless impact window system, recently received its Florida Product Approval (FL #25673.2) for HVHZ large-missile with design pressures of +/-65 PSF.


“SLIMPACT® JUMBO, for the first time, offers architects and owners a frameless impact window solution for HVHZ with sizes up to 20’ high and a limitless width without a verticle framing member,” says Angelo Rivera, vice president of Faour Glass Technologies, “As the industry leader of frameless impact glazing systems, we will continue to develop innovative solutions for the architectural community.”


The SLIMPACT® product line offers the combination of beauty, elegance, and performance in a frameless impact glazing system. The first of its kind, SLIMPACT®, was introduced in 2015 and featured a frameless structural glazing technique designed for the luxury residential and commercial markets in hurricane-prone regions. SLIMPACT® offers designers and owners unobstructed views while still meeting Florida’s stringent large missile impact requirements. The SLIMPACT® portfolio of frameless glazing solutions includes Windows, Jumbo Windows, 90-Degree Windows, Pivot Doors, Automated Doors, Skylights, and Railings.

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