by | Jul 13, 2020

SLIMPACT® Door Exceeds AAMA 920-11 for AW Class Doors

AW Class Doors
Faour Glass Technologies is excited to announce that the SLIMPACT® door system passed AAMA 920-11 for AW Class Doors. The test was conducted and certified by Intertek test lab in Tampa, FL.

The SLIMPACT® door exceeded the minimum AW Class requirement of 500,000 cycles by another 500,000, doubling the number of applied cycles needed to achieve the AW Class Door rating.

AAMA 920-11 is a test standard for the Operating Cycle Performance of Side-Hinged Exterior Door Systems. It calls for cycle testing of a complete side-hinged door system and its associated hardware under accelerated operating conditions. The total number of applied cycles increases with the Performance Class for which the door is intended, ranging from 25,000 for R Class doors up to 500,000 for AW Class doors.

“We are thrilled that our SLIMPACT® door not only met the AAMA 920-11 test standard for AW Class Doors but was able to double the number of cycles with over one million applied cycles,” says Angelo Rivera, vice president of Faour Glass Technologies. “we decided to see how far we could push the limits as we kept testing the SLIMPACT® door, and it ultimately surpassed one million cycles without failure.”

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