by | Oct 27, 2021

Pullman Hotel Uses SLIMPACT® Frameless Impact Doors and Windows


Upscale International Hotel in Miami Enhances Entrance with SLIMPACT® Frameless Doors and Windows

The Pullman Hotel in Miami recently completed its entrance enhancement, bringing a fresh contemporary look to the hotel lobby entrance to match the hotel’s ultra-sleek and modern interior.

The entry make-over was all SLIMPACT®. The new SLIMPACT®frameless impact windows and automated doors completely transformed the look and feel of the hotel’s entrance.

SLIMPACT® Windows and Doors offers a combination of beauty, elegance, and performance in a frameless impact glazing system. The first of its kind, SLIMPACT® is a patented frameless impact glazing solution.

The international real estate investment group, London + Regional, acquired the Pullman Hotel in 2019, including 18,500 square feet of indoor and outdoor meeting space, a pool, a tennis court, a fitness center, and two restaurants.

London + Regional saw potential value in creating a great first impression of the recently acquired property. In order to execute this project, Dan McDermott, the new General Manager of Pullman Hotel, made contact with Faour Glass Technologies in 2019 to explore a possible “face-lift” of the building. Faour Glass Technologies, introduced the hotel group to Winmar Construction led by Luis Leon and his team. Winmar is a division of Coastal Construction and specializes in mid-rise construction and refurbishing of hospitality-focused groups requiring a “white-glove” service.

Faour Glass Technologies worked alongside Winmar Construction to create an all-glass entrance that would match the hotel’s luxury brand and contemporary design. The SLIMPACT® windows and doors were manufactured and installed by Faour Glass Technologies.

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