by | Nov 27, 2017

Frameless Impact Window Pushes Limits with 8’x12’ Unit at +/-110psf!

Slimpact® Frameless Impact Window increases overall size by over 90% while meeting HVHZ.

Faour Glass continues to push the limits with its line of patented Slimpact® Frameless Impact Windows and Doors. The Slimpact® Window has increased its panel size from 5’x10’ to 8’x12’ and its design pressures from +/-60psf to +/-110psf, all while continuing to meet Florida’s HVHZ windborne debris requirements. Faour Glass launched its Slimpact® Frameless Impact Window in 2014 and just this year introduced its Slimpact® Frameless Impact Door and 90 degree corner.

“Our Slimpact® line continues to bring larger and stronger impact-rated systems to architects and owners without the limitations of traditional metal framing,” says Angelo Rivera, vice president of Faour Glass Technologies. “What’s most exciting about the Slimpact window is that architects can create a continual glazing system that is twelve feet tall without the need of any structural elements.”
Frameless Impact Window Pushes Limits
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