by | Feb 24, 2021

Frameless Impact Railing System Receives Miami-Dade County NOA for Large Missile Impact

Faour Glass Technologies, the innovator of frameless impact glazing solutions for high-end residential and commercial markets, is pleased to announce that the SLIMPACT® Railing was issued its Product Control Notice of Acceptance (NOA) for Large Missile Impact (LMI) in Miami-Dade County and its municipalities – No. 20-1211.01.

The glass railing is part of the family of SLIMPACT® frameless impact glazing solutions that include windows, doors, and skylights.

“SLIMPACT® Railings are the perfect complement to our line of frameless impact glazing solutions for the luxury residential and high-end commercial markets,” says Angelo Rivera, vice president of Faour Glass Technologies, “We continue to push the envelope on innovative high-performance architectural glazing products.”

The SLIMPACT® line of frameless impact glazing solutions includes window walls, pivot and automated entry doors, skylights, and now railings. SLIMPACT® offers designers and owners the unique combination of beauty, elegance, and performance for residential and commercial applications. For more information on SLIMPACT® visit For more information on Faour Glass Technologies, visit

Frameless Impact Railing System
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