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Contemporary Living Rooms Defined with Frameless Impact Windows

Contemporary Architecture has some elements reminiscent of the mid-century modernism movement. Today, modern architecture is all about sharp lines, angles, and pristine geometry. It’s all about creating a space that is unique and has a personality of its own. And, as many might agree, contemporary living is all about opening up spaces to create a more airy and clean vibe.

What is Contemporary Design?

When we talk about contemporary architecture, we often think about high ceilings, open floors, and big, floor-to-ceiling windows that allow plenty of light into a space. We are seeing contemporary trends that are similar to the mid-century modern designs that were all about taking advantage of modern technology to create larger and modular designs that could possibly be more efficient and available to the masses.

Contemporary living rooms are all about open spaces and natural light. If you’re thinking of designing your living room and want to give it that unique look and feel, opting for frameless impact windows is an excellent idea. Incorporating large frameless glass doors and windows is a great way to not only allow for natural light but also make the space more versatile, stylish, and functional.

Think of it this way: frameless glass doors and windows offer a more natural transition between different spaces, especially between the indoors and outdoors. Not only do they add aesthetic appeal, but because of the glass make-up and technology they use, may also offer protection against severe weather and intruders.

There’s no better way to say it: large frameless glass doors and windows just look good. They offer the very best in terms of aesthetics without sacrificing functionality one bit. They’ll add considerable definition to your living room, making it look stunning, all the while upholding the core ethos of contemporary design.

Here are just some of the many reasons why frameless impact windows are a wise choice 

Clear Views – Less is More

Here’s the thing: minimalistic design works. People love it, especially if you want to make a statement. With frameless impact windows, you’ll be taking the biggest leap forward since the introduction of impact glass in the early 1990s.

Modern construction is all about paring things down. Instead of punctuating a wall with window frames, designers prefer adding fewer windows, but in larger sizes. The aim is to create a seamless transition and to offer clear views of the outdoors.

With frameless impact windows, you’ll be getting just that. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference a border can make. Remove the frame, and things suddenly start looking more novel, more stylish. Essentially, you’ll be getting rid of every element that doesn’t serve a particular purpose.

Natural Lighting

The more natural light that gets into your house, the more spacious and open it’s going to feel. Contemporary architecture is all about looking at ways to get more natural light in. From high ceilings and skylights to large windows with huge glass panels, the aim is to flood the living room with natural light.

Frameless impact windows add that extra bit of uniqueness that so many people crave. It’s the first thing that most people will notice as their eyes dart to the gorgeous views outside your living room. With no border, these windows add a unique accent and panoramic view to any living room. 

Fewer Distractions

If you want your living room design to tell a story, add frameless impact windows to make it more riveting. By cutting down distractions and getting rid of needless hardware, you keep the focus where it matters:: the open spaces.

Frameless impact windows don’t have any vertical elements like mullions or obstructions like muntin bars. The seamless glazing adds a chic, modernistic appeal, cutting down any disruptions and giving you a truly unobstructed view of what’s around you.

Don’t Sacrifice Beauty for Performance

When you install impact windows, you want the peace of mind that the glass will stand strong in the face of hurricane-force winds. That’s easier said than done when you realize that an average Category 2 hurricane produces winds up to0 miles per hour.

If you need the ultimate protection by meeting the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) requirements, then SLIMPACT® has you covered. The SLIMPACT® line passes the HVHZ tests with flying colors. Capable of resisting design pressures of up to 110 PSF, these windows have the Florida product approval for Missile Level D (large missile impact).

What does this mean? These frameless impact windows will meet some of the toughest hurricane standards in the world. With sizes as large as 8’x12’ units that can be connected together to create a wall of virtually unlimited length, the design choices are endless.

Above all, despite all the design freedom they offer, SLIMPACT® frameless impact windows keep the weather elements where they’re supposed to be: outside.

Since there are no borders (or frames), you can create these walls at an angle, install them at 90-degree corners, use them in fixed windows, or even create an in-line multi-panel glass wall. All of that without sacrificing even the tiniest bit of functionality and protection!

Step Into the Future with SLIMPACT® Frameless Impact Windows

For luxury homeowners in hurricane markets, SLIMPACT® offers a solution unlike any other. It’s the perfect marriage of design and functionality, allowing you to create a living space that’s perfectly in line with contemporary design trends.

These windows allow you to get maximum daylight in your house. Create a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors and let your eyes feast on the gorgeous outside views, whether it’s a view of the ocean, the golf course, or your tropical backyard. With the SLIMPACT® line of impact windows, you don’t have to worry about bulky metal frames taking away from the experience. 

And, the best part is that these windows are engineered to the highest specifications, offering the very best in terms of protection from weather events. Test the limits of your imagination, as these windows can be placed at an angle, on corners, and in many other ways!

Your living space defines your personality, and ultimately, who you are. Why settle for the ordinary when you can invest in something that’s cutting-edge (literally!), state-of-the-art, and above all, truly minimalistic?

Faour Glass Technologies introduced SLIMPACT® in 2015. SLIMPACT is a patented system of frameless impact glazing products for luxury residential and high-end commercial projects. To learn more about frameless impact glazing visit


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